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Training Methodology
  • Participatory

  • Batch participation

  • Field oriented

  • Skill Development oriented





Steps involved in the Training
  • Field observations

  • Data analysis

  • Chart or Pictorial preparation

  • Group Presentation

  • Discussion





In the case of Integrated Urban Pest Management (UIPM):

  • All the urban pests, viz., mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies, rodents etc. are covered.

  • The Exercises include laboratory diagnosis, field inspection, data collection, analysis, current practices, costraint analysis and planning UIPM measures

  • Awareness Creation Programs to Administrators - Extension strategies of Urban Pest and Vector Management in Local Bodies of India


Development of Curricula

Before the initiation of the capacity building programs, curricula for the programs were formulated through National Workshops inviting Scientists, University faculty, Senior Extension officers etc. After thorough discussion, different aspects to be included in the curriculum are finalized. Curricula for following programs were developed:

  • Developed curricula on rodent pest management in under Graduate and Post Graduate courses in Agriculture, Horticulture and Veterinary sciences

  • Developed curricula on Rodent Pest Management for Training of Farmer Trainers to increase lateral spread of the technology among farming community (for PR China and India)

  • Developed curriculum for Urban Integrated Pest Management for training programs to the supervisory level professionals of Structural Pest Management industry

  • Developed the curriculum for organizing Farmers' Field Schools focusing on rodent pest management in rodent endemic areas (for PR China and India)

  • Developing Qualification Pack with 15 National Occupational Standards for Self Employable Skill Development Program on Structural Pest and Vector Management to provide qualified Pest Management Professionals to the Country.


Farmers' Field Schools in Integrated Pest Management 

The curriculum developed involving different stakeholders was tested in the Farmers Field School conducted in Andhra Pradesh, India as a Pilot Project. The program has 14-week field activities, each week one day to 30 farmers in one rodent endemic village and significant results could be achieved as given in later pages. The component of rodent pest management was integrated with the activities of general Integrated Pest Management.


Capacity Building Achievements

  • Planned and Organized number of participatory and skill development oriented on-farm training programs on field rodent pest management for extension functionaries from 1981

  • Planned and Organized number of capacity building programs on commensal rodent management in rural and storage situations to the functionaries of Warehouses and Pest Control professionals

  • Planned and Organized 15-day Urban Integrated Pest Management trainings and Master Trainers’ Training for the Structural Pest Management professionals

  • Organized Training cum Workshops on Integrated Pest Management under FAO-India Inter Country Program

  • Organized one Season Long Training programs on Groundnut IPM under UNDP Program

  • Organized for Haffkine Institute, Mumbai a training on URBAN RODENT PEST MANAGEMENT for Structural Pest Management Professional

Teaching and Performance Evaluation

Teaching M.Sc as well as Ph.D students for Environmental Sciences, Ecology and Wildlife Biology subjects for Osmania, Andhra and Sri Venkateswara Universities. Conducted  Performance Evaluation of M.Sc., M.Phil and Ph.D students in Environmental Sciences, Entomology, Zoology and Vertebrate Biology for Osmania, Andhra, Sri Venkateswara, Jawaharlal Nehru Agricultural, Anna (Madras), Jodhpur and Punjab Agricultural Universities. Also Question Paper setter for some of these universities for Final M.Sc and Pre Ph.D examinations. Referee for renowned National and International Journals including Elsevier Publications.


National Training Programs

  • Organized a number of 7-day National Training Programs on Rodent Pest Management from 1981 onwards to the middle level field extension functionaries of Agricultural Departments of India. The programs include rodent damage assessment, its appraisal, rodent surveillance, options for their management, rodenticides, their toxicity, judicious use, baiting techniques and planning anti rodent campaigns.

  • Organized 3-day Apex Level Training programs for Senior Level Extension Officers of Agriculture Departments and faculty of Agricultural Universities. These programs are basically meant for supervisory level officers who will be implimenting rodent control campaigns.

  • Organized 21-day Summer Institute on Vertebrate Pest Management for teaching faculty and research scientists as introductory to vertebrate pest management aspects in the Under Graduate and Post Graduate curricula of Agriculture and Horticultural courses.


In State Training Programs

Had experience of above 20 years in organization of in State In Situ Training programs on Rodent Pest Management. These programs are organized in the endemic pocket of respective State or Union Territory of India to give Art of Technology to the field extension functionaries on Integrated Rodent Pest Management to tackle rodent problem in their areas. The States include Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Goa, Gujarat, Sikkim, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, UTs of Lakshadweep A and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This also facilitated development of more trained extension personnel in the rodent endemic areas. Training programs were given for other organizations like ICRISAT, CWC, FCI, State Farms Corporation of India etc. on request. The details are provided below:


The States where these programs were organized include:


1. Andaman and Nicobar UT, 

2. Andhra Pradesh, 

3. Arunachal Pradesh, 

4. Assam, 

5. Bihar, 

6. Goa

7. Gujarat, 

8. Jammu and Kashmir, 

9. Karnataka, 

10. Kerala, 

11. lakshadweep UT 

12. Manipur, 

13. Meghalaya, 

14. Mizoram, 

15. Nagaland,

16. Pondicherry

17. Sikkim, 

18. Tamil Nadu, 

19. Tripura, 

20. Uttaranchal and 

21. Uttar Pradesh. 


On the request of Ministry of Agriculture, capacity building was provided to the technical personnel of Centre-State Farms Corporation of India (SFCIL) due to havoc created by rodents during 2002 to 2005 in their Farms of Rajasthan and Haryana. Organized Hands on Training to Public health and Sanitation functionaries of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD), Tirumala during 2005 and 2006 on the directions of Plant Protection Adviser to Government of India and request of the Executive Officer


Training manuals were prepared as guide notes to the participants in these programs.


Manuals Produced for Different States of the Country


2010    Andaman and Nicobar        Rodent Problem in Andaman and Nicobar Islands and its Management 


2009    Andhra Pradesh                  Rodent Problem and its management: Guidelines for Extension Officials.


2008    Lakshadweep                      Rodent problem in coconut and its management

            Assam                                   Rodent pests and their management in Assam


2006    Arunachal Pradesh             Rodent pests and their management

            Andaman &Nicobar            Rodent pests and their management

            Meghalaya                           Rodent problem in context with gregarious bamboo flowering and its management

            Gujarat                                 Rodent related problems and management

            Jammu and Kashmir          Rodent pests and their management


2005   Assam                                   Rodent pests and their management in Assam

           Uttaranchal                           Rodent pests and their management

           SFCIL                                    Rodent problem in SFCIL farms in Rajasthan and its management


2004  SFCIL                                    Rodent problem in SFCIL farm, Hisar and its management

          Jammu and Kashmir            Rodent pests and their management

          Mizoram                                Rodent Problem in NOrth-eastern states and its management


2002  Apex Level Training             Rodent Pest Management

          SFCIL                                    Rodent pest management for SFCIL Farms in Western Rajasthan


2001  Goa                                        Rodent pests and their management

          Tamil Nadu                          Rodent pests and their management


1999   Lakshadweep                       Rodent pests and their management in Lakshadweep islands

1993   Pondicherry                          Rodent pests and their management


1992   Uttar Pradesh                       Rodent pests and their management


1991   Tamil Nadu                           State training on Rodent Control                       




Rodent Control Campaign in Chattishgarh January, 2015

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