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Research and Experience

     AT METRO RAIL STATION, AROUND NEW YORK, USA ON RAT PROBLEM  August 2016                                                   ADDRESSING CONFERENCE PARTICIPANTS IN ASSAM, 2013
                                               PRESENTATION AT CSIRO, AUSTRALIA   FEBRUARY, 2003                                                                                                          RODENT SURVEILLANCE OBSERVATION IN PR CHINA
International Award

The FAO Funded Technical Cooperation Project on “Rural Rodent Control in Sichuan Province, Peoples Republic of China” executed in China by him as Senior International Consultant bagged the Prestigious biennium Edouard Saouma Award of United Nations in for the biennium 2001-2003. 


Professional Memberships
  • Member, Rodent Specialist Group, Species Survival Commission, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Switzerland

  • Member Secretary, Scientific Advisory Committee on rodenticides, Central Insecticides Board, Government of India

  • Member Secretary, Expert Committee on Rodent Control, Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India

  • Member, Central Monitoring Committee, Management of Gregarious Flowering of  Melocanna baccifera in North Eastern India, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India

  • Councillor for Plant Protection Association of India from 1884 to 1990.



Free Lance Consultant (Rodent and Structural Pest Management)                 (November 2012- till date)


  • Recognized Reviewer of Elsevier's Journals

  • Special Invitee by Indian Council of Agricultural Research for Brainstorming Session on Vertebrate Pests and their Management held at New Delhi in February, 2015

  • Also special invitee for the First Group Meeting of All India Network Project on Vertebrate Pest Management held at CAZRI, Joshpur during October, 2015 and Group Meeting at Thrissur in November, 2017

  • Guiding International Companies in developing the rodent pest management technologies

  • Conducted a 3-day Training on URBAN RODENT PEST MANAGEMENT for Haffkine Institute for Pest Control Professionals on 17-19 June, 2015

  • Extending guidance to the Department of Health, Government of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana on prevention of zoonotic diseases in the two States of India

  • Consultancy work extended to National Institute of Biotic Stress Management (ICAR), Raipur for a Pilot Project on Rodent Control and Zoonotic Disease Management for Chhatisgarh State of India

  • Screening a corn cob based rodenticide against commensal rodents

  • Conducted a Workshop on Current Scenario of Rodenticides and their Future Outlook on 21-22 February, 2014

  • Honorary Advisor, Food and Agri Business School, Hyderabad

  • Developing of Second Generation Anticoagulant formulations

  • Guiding projects on Rodent/Wild boar Repellent and Micronutrient-cum-Repellent in different crops

  • Free Lance Consultant for Projects on Development of Standard Operations Procedures in different Sectors 

  • Technical Resource Person for Rodent, Non rodent vertebrate and Structural Pest management programs

  • Involved in Book Writing Projects

  • Assisting in various organizations (NCDC, ICAR, Ministry of Civil Supplies etc) technically on rodent and vector management

  • Associated in developing Virtual AGRI Services, a smart phone based IT application with features developing of farm and farmer profiles, soil profile mapping, IPM through pest and disease surveillance, input aggregation and market linkage of produce marketing at farmers' foot steps for enhanced farm returns


National Institute of Plant Health Management                            (October 2008 - November 2012) 

Rajendranagar, Hyderabad, India

  • Steered the National Plan on Rodent Pest Management of Government of India bringing the technologies of rodent pest management to the farmers' fields with planning, monitoring the implementation, capacity building by various States in the Country

  • Undertook training, teaching, research work on Ecology and Management of Vertebrate Pests to field extension functionaries and Warehouse management/Pest control professionals

  • Developed the curriculum on rodent pest management for Under Graduate and Post Graduate courses in Agriculture, Horticulture and Veterinary Sciences

  • Developed curriculum on integrated management of Urban pests for Pest Control professionals

  • Developed Capacity Building programs for Trainer Farmers in rodent pest management

  • Developed guidelines for undertaking rodent control campaigns by farming community in rodent endemic areas in the country

  • Developed Farmer’s Field Schools for lateral spread of technology on rodent control among farming community in the country

  • Conducted Certificate and Master Trainers' Training program on Urban Integrated Pest Management for the professionals of Structural Pest Management industry

  • Undertook Teaching and project work on structural pests and their management

  • Guided students for  research projects on vertebrate and structural pests and their management


Central (National) Plant Protection Training Institute                  (February 1981 - October 2008)

Rajendranagar, Hyderabad, India

  • Planned and organized capacity building programs in Vertebrate pests, especially rodent pests and their management for field and Warehouse management functionaries

  • The institute being a Recognized Regional Training Centre of Food and Agricultural Organizations of United Nations, training on rodent pest management was imparted to the officers from 14 different countries from Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. 

  • Undertook and guided adoptive research on nature and extent of rodent damage in rice, wheat, sugarcane, vegetables and groundnut and its prevention

  • Evaluated tracking tiles for use of warfarin as tracking dust for commensal rodent management

  • Conducted field bio-efficacy evaluation of acute and anticoagulant rodenticides (bromadiolone, brodifacoum and flocoumafen) and non poisonous sticky traps

  • Conducted two National Workshops on Planning of Rodent and Verebrate Pest Management

  • Extended technical guidance to States and different organizations in planning, execution and monitoring of rodent pest management activities

  • Involved in Anti Locust Swarm operations as incharge of Gujarat Sector (Indo-Pak border) during 1994 locust incursion in India

  • Guided North Eastern States in prevention of rodent problem due to gregarious bamboo flowering of Melocanna baccifera and Dendrocalamus hamiltonii

  • Involved in organizing FAO-India Inter Country programs on Integrated Pest Management in different parts of country

  • Involved in FAO and UNDP funded IPM training programs in rice, groundnut and vegetables in the country

  • Examiner for Ph.D and M.Sc students of JNK Viswavidyalaya, Punjab Agricultural University, Andhra University, Sri Venkateswara University, Jodhpur University, Osmania University and Sri Krishna Devaraya University

  • Expert for Evaluating/Appraising various Research and Extension Projects

  • Referee for research publications for publication in national and international journals


All India Coordinated Research Project on Rodent Control              (June 1978 - February 1981)

Central Arid Zone Research Institute                             

Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India                                                                                                                   

  • Conducted research on biology of different species of mice

  • Studied the behavioral ecology of desert rodents

  • Conducted studies on toxicity of zinc phosphide in laboratory

  • Conducted extensive rodent control campaigns in 3000 hectares as Operational Research Project through Social Engineering Project

  • Coordinated research work undertaken by all the four centers of AICRP on rodent Control

  • Assisted the Project Coordinator in monitoring the rodent research work in other cooperating centers

  • Edited Rodent Newsletter    


Sri Venkateswara University                                                                  (January 1974 - June 1978) 

Tirupati, India                                                                                                                      

  • Studied ecology of field rodents

  • Conducted studies on behavior of field rodents in relation to their management

  • Studied the intrinsic self regulation capacity of field mouse populations

  • Conducted studies on circadian rhythms of field rodents and

  • Conducted extension trials on management of field rodents

  • Taught students of M.Sc (Previous) and M.Sc (Final) students of Zoology in Ecology and Histology


Research Accomplishments
  • 2013             Evaluated Castor Based Wild Boar Repellent in Maize crop
  • 2013             Evaluated the Rodent Repellancy effect and nutrient effect on Rice yielads with Pawan, an Organic plant origin                        product
  • 2013               Worked out Standard Operation Procedures for Rodent Management in Storage

  • 2012               Standardized the tracking tile method for assessment of rodent infestations in structural and domestic                                            environs

  • 2011-2012     Screened performance of different bait stations for increased bait acceptance by commensal rodents in                                            poultry and structural environs

  • 2003              Developed assessment methodology of field vole population in Armenia

  • 2000-2002  Developed rodent survey and surveillance methodology in domestic and field situations in PR China

  • 1990-1992    Studied persistence of zinc phosphide in ready to use baits against field rodent control

  • 1991-1992     Conducted field Bio-efficacy of Flucoumafen against field rodents

  • 1988               Evaluated non poisonous sticky traps against commensal rodent pests 

  •                         Evaluated the bio-efficacy of coumatetralyl against commensal rodent pests

  • 1984-1988    Standardized the graph to detect presence of anticoagulant resistance in field rodent populations  

  •                         Conducted field Bio-efficacy trials of Brodifacoum against field rodents, Developed rodent damage assessment                              method in wheat crop, Conducted detailed studies on rodent damage in sugarcane crop

  • 1984              Conducted field Bio-efficacy trials of Bromadiolone against field rodents                                         

  •                        Standardized of rodent damage assessment method in rice

  • 1982              Evaluated of Tom Cat process of fumigation for field rodent control

  • 1975-1976    Standardized Burrow Count Method of assessment of field rodent infestation



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