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National Assignments
  • As a Councillor and Member of Organizing Committee of Plant Protection Association of India, associated in Organizing National Seminar on Plant Protection during 1986 and 1991.

  • Acted as one of the Members of a 4-Member Task Force nominated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India to establish autonomous National Institute of Plant Health Management

  • Implemented and Steered National Plan on Rodent Pest Management with an outlay of Rs. 679.7 lakhs (last two years of XI Plan Period) on behalf of Government of India from October, 2010 with following activities activities on:

    ●    Sensitizing policy makers on rodent pest/vector problems through special workshops

    ●    Capacity building to different lsevels of SAU/ICAR scientists and State Extension functionaries

    ●    Developing Trainer Farmers for horizontal spread of rodent management technology 

    ●    Rodent control campaigns in endemic pockets of different State

  • Coordinated Anti Locust Measures as incharge of Gujarat Sector, Western India during 1994

  • Served as Central Insecticides Inspector for Central Insecticides Board, Government of India from 1994 onwards

  • Organised a National Workshop in Current Scenario of Rodenticides and their Future Outlook in February, 2014 at Hyderabad

  • As Consultant, organized a 1-day Workshop on Rodent Borne Zoolotic Diseases at NIBSM, Raipur followed by 3 Capacity Building programs for different stakeholders stressing zoonotic diseases and rodent vector management October - November, 2014.

  • Village based rodent pest/vector management campaigns are being organised in Chhatisgarh State during 2015.


Activities on Zoonotic Disease Prevention

  • Extending advise and expertise to National Center for Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India on prevention of Rodent borne Zoonotic Diseases

  • Achieved 61% reduction in incidence of Leptospirosis in four South Gujarat State districts with community rodent vector control measures in 2009

  • Achieved about 83% reduction in Leptospirosis incidence in four South Gujarat districts with community level rodent vector control measures during 2012

  • Guided Mr.  Ashok Bhat, Hon'ble Minister of Health, Government of Gujarat on prevention of Leptospirosis through vector control during 1997.

  • Organized special sensitization training programs for District Medical and Health Officers and Health Officers of Gujarat State on zoonotic disease prevention through rodent control

  • Organized special training programs on rodent vector management for Health functionaries of major Municipal Corporations, State level Health officers and National Centre for Disease Control Scientists/doctors


International Achievements
  • Advising FAO of UNO on vole related problems in Mongolia and their management need.

  • Organized capacity building program assisted by FAO of United Nations on Rodent Pest Problem in Rice and its Management in Bangladesh during 1994

  • Organized a National Level Workshop on Rodent Biology and Management at Chengdu, Sichuan Province, PR China in 2000 involving National Level Scientists and Senior Extension Personnel

  • Executed TCP of FAO of United Nations on Field Rodent Control in Sichuan Province, Peoples Republic of China during 2000-2001 in developing human resources on rodent management among the extension functionaries and farmers, developing field technologies on integrated rodent pest management, developing rodent surveillance methodology for adoption and organization of Special Farmers Field Schools for rodent pest management

  • Executed emergency TCP of FAO in Armenia for Field Vole Control during 2003 and assessed the situation through National Workshop and prepared a TCP for Armenia based on the needs of the country to prevent the vole damage.

  • Organised a National Level Workshop on Rodent Pest/Vector Management for Armenia in 2003 involving senior officers from European Union (EU), Ministry of Agriculture and Universities.

  • Developed a TCP for Armenia on Integrated Rodent Management for the Country, which was implimented by FAO of UN subsequently

  • Expertize was extended to ICRISAT, Patancheru, India on rodent management in the farm, seed handling area and all buildings and premises.



  • Assisted FAO of United Nations in preparing Technical Cooperation Projects on Rodent Pest/Vector Management 

  • Prepared for Ministry of Agriculture "National Plan on Rodent Pest Management" which was implemented in XI Plan period and being processed in XII Plan.

  • Prepared Regional Action Plan Project covering North Eastern India on Rodent Pest Management in view of Bamboo Flowering

  • Prepared and Developed a Technical Cooperation Project on Rodent Management for Armenia on behalf of FAO of United Nations


Deputation/Mission/Country Reports to Different Countries

  • 2003    Australia              Second International Conference on Rodent Biology and Management. Canberra, Australia

  • 2003    Armenia               Rodent pests and their management. A Training Manual

  • 2003    Armenia               Rodent problem and its management in Armenia: An Emergency Consultancy

  • 2001    PR China              Innovations made in Rodent Pest Management (in Chinese language)

  • 2001    PR China              Terminal Statement: Rural rodent control in Sichuan province

  • 2001    PR China              Fourth Mission Report

  • 2001    PR China              Third Mission Report

  • 2000    PR China             Second Mission Report

  • 2000    PR China             Rural rodent control in Sichuan Province, China. TCP/CPR/8926. First Mission Report

  • 1994    Bangladesh          Integrated rodent management in rice in Bangladesh. FAC Inter Country program                                                                                        CGP/RAS/145/NET   



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